Ready to make some money? Be the first in your area to take advantage of this awesome pricing. 420 Clothing is proud to offer these fresh marijuana strain t-shirts at crazy-low prices. These shirts retail for $16.99-$24.99, but you can get them for only $8.88/pc in quantities of 60 or more. Smaller quantities are still only $10/pc!

These tees are the perfect addition to any shop! Designed by professionals, each and every shirt is a beautiful piece of art in and of itself. Featuring everyone's favorite strains, these Anvil pre-shrunk ring-spun cotton tees are made from only the highest quality materials. Sure to be a hit at your shop, these shirts are so awesome they are virtually guaranteed to fly off your shelves.

Discrete and low-key, these shirts don't feature tacky designs with obnoxious pot leaves... but they still get the point across! Your customers will definitely start talking when these hit your shelves -- talking to their friends about where they bought such an awesome shirt! Be the first to offer these sweet strain tees and give your sales (and street cred) the boost you've been looking for. Give us a call at (609) 408-3538 or contact us on the web at!

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Our shirts are made from American materials with American labor.